COVID-19 Protective Measures

How we are protecting our Visitors:
  • Visitors must answer screening questions prior to being admitted to guided tours.
  • Controlled entry into the Village, gift shop and canteena entrances allows staff to monitor attendance level.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at several locations.
  • Plexiglass has been installed to provide a safety barrier, where necessary.
  • Directional signs have been installed throughout the Village and staff members are positioned at key locations to monitor physical distancing and promote one-way traffic where possible. Visitors are spoken to prior to their admission to explain required safety procedures.
  • Some benches, tables and chairs have been removed to reduce gathering and the chances of hard surface exposure.
  • Some restrooms are closed, enabling more frequent cleaning of those remaining open.
  • Touch points are sanitized frequently using an appropriate virucide.
  • Complimentary umbrellas are not available for use.
  • Mill Canteena:  traffic is maintained through use of arrows, signs are printed on floors to keep 2m/6ft distance between people, doors are propped open, hand sanitizer is located at entry, separate entry and exit are clearly marked.
  • Gift Shop: Reduced hours, following protocols to allow for physical distancing, capacity monitoring and sanitary precautions.
How we are protecting our Staff:
  • Following all existing and new guidance provided by WorkSafe BC.
  • No visitors or contractors experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 are allowed on property.
  • Staff experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 are directed to use the BC Self-Assessment Tool and follow its instructions.
  • Company sick policy has been reinforced with staff with the understanding that they are to stay home if sick; if they become ill at work they are sent home immediately.
  • Mandatory COVID-19-specific training for all staff.
  • Work spaces have been modified to enable staff to maintain distance of 2m/6ft.
  • High touch surface areas are regularly wiped down with a recommended virucide.
  • Easy-access to hand washing and hand sanitizers.
  • Relevant signage and resources are posted throughout staff areas.
  • Task-specific PPE is available, including gloves and masks in appropriate locations.
How our operations have adjusted:
  • Operating on reduced hours, facilities and amenities. The list of operational changes can be found here: COVID-19 Update.
  • Visitors are counted and spaced out upon entry. Staff are positioned at key locations to monitor social distancing.
  • Doors remain open where possible.
  • Credit and debit card transactions strongly encouraged.