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Visit us at the McLean Mill

Train Tickets are unlikely to be available for 2020 due to unforeseen servicing costs. Our local operators are hard at work searching for parts and working with other organizations to ensure a return to the tracks as soon as possible. 


The McLean Mill National Historic Site is accessible by car from nearby Port Alberni. Downtown core to the Mill site is typically reached in less than 20 minutes; 21 minutes if you're in our Rush Minute. Historically the site has served as the Destination point for the Alberni Pacific Railway (APR) an organization that has operated 3 different locomotives including the 'favourite' No. 7 Baldwin Steam Locomotive built in 1929. The locomotives are all currently in care as they have called in sick and are now being attended to. We fully expect to see some or all of them back on the tracks in the foreseeable future though an actual return date is not yet known. Current target is Summer Season 2021. 













Train Robbery in Progress
Number 11 Deisel Locomotive